What Being a Community Reporter Means to Me

For me being a Community Reporter is about saying goodbye to my comfort zone – but in a good way.

I’ve always been a slow writer, almost dyslexic, to an extent that early reports labeled me below average intelligence. It took me many years to shake-off an unjust reputation. For years I had an abusive teacher. They were black years.

I always questioned things, which quickly got me in their bad book. Creating things and exploring my imagination were more interesting. The time it took to write and formulate coherent sentences got in the way of really doing something. I had no patience for it. Writing and practical activity became opposites in my mind.

Before I began online mentoring and peer support I avoided writing as much as possible. Now by giving myself the time to consider my subject matter I’ve started to enjoy the writing process. It still isn’t as good as going out and about actually doing stuff and I’m still shaking off the self-stigma I’ve carried around for years.

As a Mind Waves Community Reporter I get to see the positive things people are doing that are worth reporting. I’m a work in progress myself and will have to apologise, once in a while, if some deadlines go sailing past while I try to find the right words. Thanks to everyone at Outside The Box for their support, patience and assistance.

Story by Community Reporter

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